Monday, December 14, 2009

Book Eight: Unseen!

Author: Paul Jennings
Rating 10/10
Flat ten because all the stories in this book are appealing to the reader plus show excitement and admiration. Recommend this book for Paul Jenning's fans. I cannot give the summary of the book because the stories are interesting and you have to read it first in order to learn.


Sean Limzon said...

The eight stories of this book includes the One-Finger Salute, Round the Bend, Seeshell, Piddler on the Roof, Ticker, Guts, Shadows, and Squawk Talk.

Sean Limzon said...

A reading response
What I have finished on is Unseen. These stories are unexpected and surprising. Best stories like Seeshell was so far the best, as it shows science, showing the future... Some stories in this book defies science a bit; it's a big twist.